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  • Build Your Own App for Android or IOS

    Build Your Own App for Android or IOS

    Originally published on one year ago.  I will be publishing new stuff soon, life has just gotten in the way. I bought a book on programming a few months back.  But….I decided I was just too damn old to learn all this stuff again. I wished they had an app maker that was easy […]

  • Taking A ScreenShot with Android

    Taking A ScreenShot with Android

    Got a Samsung (I have an S4) Android phone and need to take a screenshot? Here is how you do it. Hold the power button down and  the main / home button on the bottom of the phone…SIMULTANEOUSLY Look in your pictures….. Easy as 3.14. Here is a GREAT video from Android Authority that covers more […]

  • VidyoWay: Business Class Multipoint Video Conferencing

    The video conferencing world is changing at breakneck speed.   Hold on to your hats peeps……we are in for one screaming fun ride!   Whooohooo… This past week, Vidyo, announced their new “free” (free is  in quotes because I see a requirement that you have to promise to have 50 endpoints in three months…guess that […]

  • iGoogle Going Away

    The world is changing again! My comfortable iGoogle homepage has served me well for quite a long time (I moved to Google from Yahoo a few years ago…).  I use Chrome (fast, reliable, etc) and have almost totally moved to the Google universe…and I am very happy here.  But…. Now I see a banner on […]