Apple iPhone Targets Enterprise

According to this news announcement, Apple will be making the iPhone more enterprise friendly by providing access to email and other corporate functions. Devices such as Research in Motion’s Blackberry and various Palm devices will be most impacted by this announcement. Apple also plans to “open” development to third parties. How far this extends remains to be seen. In a previous Blog entry, YeOldeTechy took … Continue reading Apple iPhone Targets Enterprise


“The iPhone Experience” by YeOldeTechy Rating:4 Watertowers Apple has once again shown that it has the genius (or guts) to revolutionize where others merely improve. Once the crowds subsided, and much of the iPhone excitement died away, I drove to the AT&T Store on Grant Line Road in Tracy (near Wal-Mart) to see what all the excitement was about. AT&T employee Ryan (very helpful and … Continue reading iPhone

Fathers Day – I’ll take a REAL book

Being YeOldeTechy…I like techy stuff. Not to the extreme, but a new gadget every now and then catches my eye and I have to check it out. There is one gadget I will NEVER check out and will never want….the electronic book. I have been seeing Sony ads touting their latest electronic book that can hold 80 something books and, truthfully, it looks slick. Perfect … Continue reading Fathers Day – I’ll take a REAL book

Cell Phone and Brain Cancer Theory

My wife suggested I document this theory I have had for quite some time. But first, let me give you a very brief background. When I was in graduate school at the University of Kansas, one of my research interests was on the effects of microwave radiation on the human body. I never got to finish that research since I accepted a research assistant position … Continue reading Cell Phone and Brain Cancer Theory