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  • Vidyo Mobile on the iPad

    Please visit Vidyo’s web site for a lot more information, but, for now…this is soooooo coooool. I’ll say it one more time:  Videoconferencing anytime, anyplace, anyone. This is the future….Vidyo is pushing the technology of mob…

  • iPhone Videoconferencing for Business?

    Many of you are involved in the corporate world of videoconferencing.  I was just wondering if you would consider using the iPhone for business related videoconferencing calls? Your comments or suggestions are welcome in the “other” section. 🙂 Would you use iPhone videoconferencing for business?Market Research

  • CNET Tests the iPhone Antenna Issue

    This is cool….wish I had the $ to buy an iPhone (and a spectrum analyzer) to do some real cool testing….oh well…gotta love CNET:

  • Apple iPhone 4 and Videoconferencing

    I wrote a blog entry on this blog a few years ago when the first iPhone came out.   I thought it would change the direction of cell phone technology…it pretty much has. 🙂 Everyone was anxious today to see the latest announcement. With regards to the videoconferencing capability.  Maybe I have been around videoconferencing too long, […]