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  • Motorola Cliq and MOTOBLUR: A Quick Peek

    Rating: 4 WaterTowers (cool phone and service) I am dreaming of owning a phone that will allow me to stay in contact with all my friend via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Email, Text, and, oh yeah, that old fashioned thing called a phone.  Imagine if you can monitor the Twitterverse on the front screen of your […]

  • Cell Phones and Cancer

    In one of my first blog postings I warned of the over-use of cell phones. I am still concerned / cautious and still recommend “cell-phone-use” moderation.  However, the dramatic increase in texting may actually help.  Sure your fingers and thumbs may experience more problems, but, keeping the cell phone away from your brain is, to […]

  • Barnes and Noble Nook

    Caveat:  I have not tried the Nook.  The information below is from information I received at the store or online. You may know by now that I have been resistant to adopting the electronic readers (oddly enough for someone who loves new technology). You also probably know that I love to read (see  and, to me, […]

  • Kindle 2 Introduced

    As you may already have figured out….I’m definitely not one to stop technology from advancing.   But there are some things I would like to see stay the same:  Newspapers and books being two of the most important.  Call me old fashioned.   All you have to do is walk into a Library (yesterday we […]