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  • Kindle 2 Introduced

    As you may already have figured out….I’m definitely not one to stop technology from advancing.   But there are some things I would like to see stay the same:  Newspapers and books being two of the most important.  Call me old fashioned.   All you have to do is walk into a Library (yesterday we […]

  • iPod Touch Review

    Rating: 4 WaterTowers My wife was deciding on an iPod or an iPod Touch. Being selfish, and wanting to play with the iPod Touch so I could write about it here, I encouraged her to spend the big bucks on a 32 Gig iPod Touch. I won! Hmmmm, in 25 years I think that is […]

  • Cool Application: AT&T Video Share

    I was poking around the Internet looking for 3G cell phone video conferencing applications (I did NOT find one, by the way) when I ran across the AT&T Video Share app. This is interesting even though it is only one way video (it has two way audio). With the right phone and the right service, […]

  • Cancer and the Cell Phone

    I have posted warnings (here and here) about the possible dangers of using the cell phone too much. Here is a video that just came out from a researcher at a world renowned cancer research center who is warning the same thing. (Note: In the move to WordPress I lost this video…I will try to […]