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  • 3G and cell phone video – an application

    If you are faint of heart or easily offended…please turn to another page. For the rest of you, this story in Time (remember this is not YeOldeTechy’s story, I am just passing along information) is interesting. But I believe it is more interesting after you hear my short story about this particular topic. Interesting Story […]

  • Apple IPod Transfer — A quick test

    Just trying something….this was Kristen’s idea to see if we could download the contents of the Apple IPod to a “random” computer. Can we? Let’s give it a try…. The first thing we did was plug in Kristen’s old IPod (she now has a brand spanking new IPod Classic 80 gig so she can fit […]

  • Cell Phone Earpieces

    “Hello, how are you” says the stranger you just walked by. “I’m fine, how are you?” you reply. The stranger gives you the evil eye as he or she continues talking. You feel like a dork. My daughter, Kristen, and I have been thinking about how the world will look with millions of people wandering […]

  • Apple iPhone Targets Enterprise

    According to this news announcement, Apple will be making the iPhone more enterprise friendly by providing access to email and other corporate functions. Devices such as Research in Motion’s Blackberry and various Palm devices will be most impacted by this announcement. Apple also plans to “open” development to third parties. How far this extends remains […]