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  • Linksys Wireless Router Installation and Review

    Linksys Wireless Router Installation and Review

    Rating: 4 WaterTowers This past week I purchased and installed a Linksys Wireless Router for a client. But before I installed the system at their location, I tried it at home to make sure it worked. It did. Product Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G2 comes in a sleek package looking more like a flying saucer than […]

  • Cuil: A New Search Engine

    This week some ex-Google employees launched a new web search engine: Cuil. Pronounced: Cool. Being the curious type I went to the Cuil web site and fired up a few searches. So far it appears as though they still have a bit of work to do. Here are two screen shots of a search for […]

  • Glance Review

    Rating: 4 WaterTowers In previous blog entries I have reviewed full-featured web conferencing applications. Initially, I had classified Glance in that class. What I found out is that Glance is different. Glance is “easy-to-use screen sharing tool”. Pure and simple. It does not support: VoIP, audio conferencing bridge, or videoconferencing integration. It does not support […]

  • Google SketchUp

    The other day I found a link to Google SketchUp. I downloaded it and started to draw. The picture above is a crude representation of what you can do with SketchUp. I am not an artist, and it shows. However, if you are, and spend the time, there are some very powerful tools in SketchUP […]