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  • LifeSize H.323 HD Videoconferencing System Demo

    LifeSize H.323 HD Videoconferencing System Demo

    Times have changed. Just a few years ago, TelBitConsulting was pushing the state-of-the art (and enduring the criticisms of those with limited vision) of IP videoconferencing from a trade show (TeleCon). This video (8 minutes long) shows an interview between Matt Hamblen at ComputerWorld and Craig Malloy CEO of LifeSize. (The complete article is here.) […]

  • Review of Mirial Softphone

    Review of Mirial Softphone

    History….ahhh, the memories of a bygone era.  🙂 ++++++++ Rating: 4 WaterTowers Mirial Softphone came to my attention a little over a month ago. At that time, I grabbed a 1 month free demo license and ran it through some initial tests. I encountered some system glitches with that version. These problems did not cause […]

  • VUDU Evaluation and Review

    VUDU Evaluation and Review

    Rating: 5 WaterTowers (nearly perfect) UPDATE Jan 2015: VUDU is now available on most Blu-Ray players, Smart TV’s, and Chromecast (and I’m sure other streaming devices / services). Wal-Mart bought VUDU a few years back.   Before you read, you can watch my future Oscar winning documentary on “Using VUDU”. You will not be bored, […]

  • Convert Vinyl Records into Digital Files

    Rating: 4 WaterTowers If you are like us you have some old 33’s and 45’s collecting dust in a closet. You may, also like us, have tossed your old turntables and have no way of listening to that great music of your youth. This Christmas, my wife bought me a really cool gadget. The “audio-technica […]