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Tandberg Movi: A Quick Look

Rating: 3 WaterTowers (corporate infrastructure needed) Making a Point-to-Point Call After installation (which was easy even with the Beta version Sean Lessman from Tandberg gave me access to), I decided to give Movi a whirl by first calling an H.323 Endpoint. My friend, Sheila at Fermi Lab sent […]

Lifesize Room in Action

Even with videoconferencing…. the life of a blogger can get lonely. So when my friend Phil at Quagga invited me to attend the “Lifesize Room in Action” meeting in Folsom, CA….I jumped at the chance. As I arrived I met old friends (some who go way back in […]

Librestream Onsight Review

Rating: 5 WaterTowers Every now and then I see a product that blows me away.  It has been happening a lot lately (a good sign for technology) and it happened again last week with the Librestream Onsight. The fact that it is one-way video (and I’m a two-way […]