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  • Cisco to Introduce Home Products

    Update Jan 7 2009:  CES almost has started in Las Vegas (see this CNN article).  They say attendance is down.  Still pretty darn big if you ask me!  I was CTO at the now defunct “TeleCon” Conference and we were happy to get 20,000 attendees.  But, I’m pretty sure that live shows will, over time, […]

  • Blockbuster OnDemand Streaming Video Player

    Blockbuster has announced a streaming video player made by 2Wire.   This article in Information Week says it competes with Apple TV and NetFlix, but, unfortunately, it completely leaves out the one participant in this space that uses and loves:  VUDU. No matter what, the future is clear:  Watching movies via the Internet will […]

  • VUDU Introduces HDX

    VUDU Introduces HDX

    If you have not yet experienced VUDU Internet streaming of movies… may be the time. As you may know, I am a big fan of VUDU and now even more so. Check out my review of VUDU here. With over 6000 movie titles in Standard Definition and High Definition….VUDU has recently introduced a new high […]

  • Watching the Olympics on

    Rating: 5 WaterTowers OK..this is COOL I went to the web site and signed up (all you need is your Zip code and browser…yes, Firefox works). Remember I have a Toshiba Laptop running Windows XP. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary. NBC is streaming live video using Microsoft Silverlight. Yikes! I never heard […]