Category: Streaming Video

  • Embed Video on a Blog

    It is actually very easy to embed a video on a blog. On YouTube, there is an easy way to grab a bit of code called: embed. Hmmmm, words that say what they mean. In a Blog, such as this one, you have to go into the “Edit HTML” mode and paste the embed code […]

  • Cool Application: AT&T Video Share

    I was poking around the Internet looking for 3G cell phone video conferencing applications (I did NOT find one, by the way) when I ran across the AT&T Video Share app. This is interesting even though it is only one way video (it has two way audio). With the right phone and the right service, […]

  • Sony will Stream Movies Direct to Your TV

    Reading my past blogs on this subject, you know I believe that streaming movies via the Internet will take it’s toll on such old favorites as DVD’s, Blu-Ray, and Blockbuster / Netflix. Now buried deep in the middle of this article is an announcement by Sony that it will start an Internet streaming service for […]

  • Comcast to offer 100 Mbps over Cable

    This is an interesting news article. In the not to distant future, using a standard called DOSCIS 3.0 (which defines and supports very high speed data transmission over cable systems), Comcast expects to be able to offer most cable subscribers 100 Mbps download. YeOldeTechy questions: 1. With the news I hear about Comcast throttling data […]