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  • Streaming Internet video on your TV

    Lately, I have been watching the evolution of Internet streaming to the TV (as part of the evolving “Digital Living Room”). I have looked briefly at VUDU and also Apple TV. As of this writing, both allow direct Internet access to streamed video content (i.e. no computer is needed) and display that video (in either […]

  • Streaming Video on the iPhone

    In addition to showing a hilarious clip from “The Office” (where Jim sends Dwight faxes from “future” Dwight) the video shows the high quality streaming video capability of the iPhone. Very impressive. For more on the iPhone see what I thought about the iPhone when it first came out.

  • Video-on-Demand and Blu-Ray

    UPDATE:  See my Review of VUDU here.   Now that Blu-Ray has apparently won the latest format war…how long do you think it will be before the next greatest technology surpasses it? Not long. Instead of DVD’s, there will be an ever increasing use of the Internet to download programming to your HDTV. All you […]

  • How cool is this?

    In a previous post, I evaluated Proclaim by Netbriefings. Needless to say, I liked it a lot. Mira from Netbriefings posted a comment to that blog on November 5th. I just picked my head up from Subbing the whole week and saw the comment. The ability to comment via video, with the quality that is […]