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  • Teaching Update

    After 8 full weeks, my long term sub position has ended. What an experience! We were all sad it ended even though we all knew this day would come. I have learned a lot about teaching (do I still want to teach as my “encore” career?…..YES!) and have learned what not to do, what to […]

  • Where I have been…

    In case you are checking and wondering where the new posts are…. I’ve been so extremely lucky to have landed a short term (now three weeks long) substitute teaching position in a 7th Grade class in the Jefferson Elementary School District. Since starting, I have had to RUN as fast as I can run just […]

  • Tech for Teachers – Podcasting Classes

    If you do not know what podcasting is, here is a very cool introduction: The world is changing. Streaming (podcasting included) technology has already proven itself at some Universities where students who may have missed class, or need to refresh their memory can watch a video stream of the class anytime. For example, see these […]

  • Personal Telepresence – The Original

    Personal Telepresence – The Original

    With all the hoopla about “Personal Telepresence”, I dug up this 1994 video segment showing our “Personal Telepresence” concept of 1992 (see this link for the original abstract (or this newer link). This video is using the CLI Cameo which was the very first desktop videoconferencing system….enjoy.  By the way, we are the ones who […]