Category: Technology

  • Future of Videoconferencing

    The future of videoconferencing will rest with the masses. Grandma and Grandpa will be able to see their grandkids grow up, families will be able to virtually be with each other whenever they want, people will be telecommuting (videocommuting) from anywhere, and meetings will be held via video just like they are now by telephone. […]

  • Streaming Internet video on your TV

    Lately, I have been watching the evolution of Internet streaming to the TV (as part of the evolving “Digital Living Room”). I have looked briefly at VUDU and also Apple TV. As of this writing, both allow direct Internet access to streamed video content (i.e. no computer is needed) and display that video (in either […]

  • Video-on-Demand and Blu-Ray

    UPDATE:  See my Review of VUDU here.   Now that Blu-Ray has apparently won the latest format war…how long do you think it will be before the next greatest technology surpasses it? Not long. Instead of DVD’s, there will be an ever increasing use of the Internet to download programming to your HDTV. All you […]

  • Meraki Wireless Networking

    The December 2007 issue of “Popular Science” Announced their Computing Grand Award Winner was Meraki. Since I never heard of Meraki, and their wireless product sounded interesting, I figured I’d take a peek at their website. Verrry interrresting. It turns out that Meraki is evangelizing wireless networking by, and for, the masses. The Old Way […]