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  • Tracy Virtual Office

    UPDATE: Read this article on “co-working” on CNN. Sounds like the Tracy Virtual Office. +++ Gas prices are soaring. Commute times are horrendous. Why are you still driving to work everyday? Can’t work at home for some reason? Or just need a break? Can’t afford an “Executive” Suite? The time has come for an alternative. […]

  • Tracy Press Telecommuting Article

    My Telecommuting article has reached the pinnacle of any persons journalistic dreams….I have been published in the Tracy Press !! 🙂 UPDATE Nov 12, 2020:  The TP link is NOT working… are ALL my telecommuting articles. Enjoy! 🙂   

  • Telecommuting: A Sensible Alternative to Driving

    Interesting Late Breaking News: Read this article published Sunday, Sept 30, 2007 in the Tracy Press. It describes how commuting can be detrimental to family life in general. All the more reason to: Telecommute!————- For years, I have been evangelizing the value of telecommuting, only to be met with deaf ears. Hoping to drive home […]