Telecommuting and the Segway

OK…we have all heard and seen T. Boone Picken’s and Al Gore’s plans for saving the environment. Great plans… (Political comment to Congress and the Prez: Spend the money on the future of renewable energy sources). Today, I saw an article that stated that telecommuting is just as bad as commuting since you will still start up your car to run errands, go to lunch, … Continue reading Telecommuting and the Segway

Telecommuting and the Tracy Virtual Office

UPDATE 8/14/08: Well, after spending the money, I only had 3 people express an interest in the TVO…I have had to drop the idea for lack of interest. Either many people already telecommute (Yeah!) or they are content to spend money, gas, and time on the road. ++++++ Today, July 14, 2008, we (my wife and I) ushered in a new era. Never before have … Continue reading Telecommuting and the Tracy Virtual Office

Telecommute to Survive I-5 Construction

Overview of the Problem Interstate 5 in Sacramento is due to be closed for construction over the next several weeks. Since I-5 is the major route to and from Sacramento this is going to cause major backups in and around the area. I wrote an email to KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento a few days ago stating that the word “telecommuting” is never mentioned. Hmmm, … Continue reading Telecommute to Survive I-5 Construction

Virtual Work in the Year 2004

This was originally published in August 1995 when I was CTO for the company that put on “TeleCon”. The old timers in the videoconferencing industry should remember….and for the the new folks….understand this: These were great times bringing this new technology we all know as videoconferencing into being. Now, in 2019, you can easily “video chat” with anyone, anytime, anywhere or watch any show or … Continue reading Virtual Work in the Year 2004

Tracy Virtual Office

UPDATE: Read this article on “co-working” on CNN. Sounds like the Tracy Virtual Office. +++ Gas prices are soaring. Commute times are horrendous. Why are you still driving to work everyday? Can’t work at home for some reason? Or just need a break? Can’t afford an “Executive” Suite? The time has come for an alternative. Tracy Virtual Office is coming soon. This will be a … Continue reading Tracy Virtual Office