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Telecommuting and the Segway

OK…we have all heard and seen T. Boone Picken’s and Al Gore’s plans for saving the environment. Great plans… (Political comment to Congress and the Prez: Spend the money on the future of renewable energy sources). Today, I saw an article that stated that telecommuting is just as […]

Vint Cerf on the Internet

(To stop the clip from playing….click the stop button.) Here is a video clip one of the developers of the technology that has become the Internet. He is a biggie in my world (Electrical Engineering) and when I was in college I looked up to him and others […]

Telecommute: The Time is Now!

If you have not yet been convinced that the time for telecommuting has finally arrived maybe you should look at what you spend on gas now driving to work. At over $4.00 a gallon (and Stockton being the highest in the Nation) a typical commute from Tracy to […]

Virtual Work in the Year 2004

This was originally published in August 1995 for the company that put on “TeleCon”. The old timers in the videoconferencing industry should remember….and for the the new folks….understand this: These were great times bringing this new technology we all know as videoconferencing into being. Now, in 2019, you […]