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  • TracyVirtualOffice Hosts Tracy TweetUP

    Social networking meets technology. Last night, the TracyVirtualOffice coworking location (that be me…) hosted Tracy’s first TweetUP.  The event was well attended and the energy was palpable. Just like coworking. 🙂 This video was taken by a Tracy Press reporter (Justin) using one of those really cool Flip cameras.  The quality is excellent.  Eventually this […]

  • Telecommute

    Gas prices have come down.     I went to the gas station yesterday and paid $1.94 for a gallon of gas.  For a starving blogger, this is good news.  I now have more precious $$ in my pocket for other things (Did someone say beer at The Great Plate?) Do you stop thinking about telecommuting? […]

  • Telecommuting and the Segway

    OK…we have all heard and seen T. Boone Picken’s and Al Gore’s plans for saving the environment. Great plans… (Political comment to Congress and the Prez: Spend the money on the future of renewable energy sources). Today, I saw an article that stated that telecommuting is just as bad as commuting since you will still […]

  • Telecommuting and the Tracy Virtual Office

    UPDATE 8/14/08: Well, after spending the money, I only had 3 people express an interest in the TVO…I have had to drop the idea for lack of interest. Either many people already telecommute (Yeah!) or they are content to spend money, gas, and time on the road. ++++++ Today, July 14, 2008, we (my wife […]