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  • Telepresence

    There is a lot of talk and hoopla about “telepresence”. To most, the current definition of telepresence has evolved to mean: A very expensive room-based super-high-quality videoconferencing capability. And you need to buy two. Many years ago (starting in 1992) we developed a concept called “Personal Telepresence” .   This was based on your personal […]

  • Future of Videoconferencing

    The future of videoconferencing will rest with the masses. Grandma and Grandpa will be able to see their grandkids grow up, families will be able to virtually be with each other whenever they want, people will be telecommuting (videocommuting) from anywhere, and meetings will be held via video just like they are now by telephone. […]

  • Vidyo

    A few days ago, Vidyo, a new company in the videoconferencing / collaboration “space” officially emerged from their shell. The crux of what they have done is to allow, using a new standard video compression algorithm, high definition videoconferencing and standard definition videoconferencing (see my Polycom PVX blog entry for example) to work together over […]

  • WebEx Meeting Center

    WebEx Meeting Center

        4 WaterTowers OK, now you are working at home, saving the environment, and reducing traffic. Now what? You still need to stay in contact with your colleagues at work or around the world. You need to host a meeting, and/or manage and coordinate an online conference or seminar. What do you do? You […]