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  • SightSpeed


    Rating: 3.5 Watertowers More history….this is almost fun!  🙂 ++++++++++++ I had first heard about SightSpeed a few years ago while working at LBL. I checked them out at the time, but, since we were involved in standards-based H.323 IP videoconferencing, SightSpeed held little interest for our user base. This week I have taken another […]

  • HeadThere Giraffe

    YeOldeTechy says: “This is COOL!” Check out this new product that YeOldeTechy hopes he will be able to get his hands on to evaluate for this blog. Really quickly here is what the HeadThere Giraffe is: 1. It is a Videoconferencing System that works over the Internet. 2. It is a movable robot that allows […]

  • Polycom PVX for H.323 Video Conferencing

    Polycom PVX for H.323 Video Conferencing

    The history lesson continues! +++++++++++ August 2007 Rating: 4 Watertowers If a person needs to do standards based videconferencing from their desktop computer, there are very few choices, but, luckily, the Polycom PVX happens to be one of the best, if not the best. The PVX is relatively easy-to-use, provides high quality video and audio, […]

  • Tel Bit Consulting has arrived!

    The day has finally arrived, well almost, a few short hours. Tel Bit Consulting, Yeoldetechy, has opened for business in Tracy, CA. Do you hear the fireworks? People screaming? Hmmm, neither do I. Shortly, right here on these pages there will appear–as if by magic–new articles, product reviews, opinions, and more. So stay tuned and […]