Math Tutor, Tracy CA

$35 per hour, one-on-one instruction at AltamontCowork office

Call: 209-608-4340 to reserve your classroom time.

“Learning should be FUN”

About Tutor in Tracy, CA

Tracy Press:
2010 #2 BEST of TRACY for Tutoring
2011 #3 BEST of TRACY for Tutoring ( I took several months off ForCarol)

I am a Tracy Unified (TUSD) & Jefferson Sub, and Project IMPACT (San Joaquin County Office of Education) Intern Ready Teacher.

A retired Electrical Engineer from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, teaching is my second (but lifelong dream) career.

“Intern Ready” means I can teach in a classroom (right now, Multiple Subject / Special Education, Math is on the way).   In addition to subbing in over 200 classes in the past few years, I long-term subbed for 2 months (Sept and Oct 2008) in 7th Grade (Math and Core) where I was introduced to the real world of teaching very quickly.  I saw how much paper, how much time, and how much dedication teaching requires.  I also found how out that I truly loved what I was doing.

With Common Core being implemented, I see this coming year as being a unique transition for students into a new way of learning: One that is based on critical thinking rather than rote memorization.

As a tutor, I can help students stay on track and maybe help them enjoy learning Math.  Well…it’s a goal.



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