Dec 17, 2008 moved blogs to WordPress

March 4, 2009 passed 10,000 views!

Yikes!  I almost missed this one:  20,000 views passed May 19, 2009  🙂

Looks like I’ll pass 25,000 views on July 3, 2009.  🙂

Wow! Passed 30,000 views this morning (August 17, 2009) 🙂

Moved to my own domain and views dropped off to virtually nothing.  I’m back.  Oct 30, 2010.  Lets see how long it takes to get the views back.  I learned…views and exposure are better than advertising $$….




  • Just letting you know that I am checking on your progress. It was great seeing you and getting a tour of the TVO the other day. Hope to see you again soon.

  • I am not satisfied with the conversion tv. I can’t even watch a whole half hour program without the picture going still. It really sucks before, there was nothing wrong with regular tv prior. I have always had cable but not I don’t. I would like to enjoy conversion tv but I can’t even get all the regular channels like 2, 4, 9, 20, 50, 62. Just channel 7 and that sucks. Is it that conversion tv only works in certain areas or regions because if that’s the case, then all this conversion tv is to force a househole to pay loads of money for cable and that shouldn’t be the case. How is this conversion cable suppose to work if you can’t even receive channels let alone watch a whole program. My email is I need to really know what was really the benefit of changing the whole broadcasting system for this….

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