Tech for Teachers – Podcasting Classes

If you do not know what podcasting is, here is a very cool introduction: The world is changing. Streaming (podcasting included) technology has already proven itself at some Universities where students who may have missed class, or need to refresh their memory can watch a video stream of the class anytime. For example, see these classes available by streaming by Berkeley. Now students at any … Continue reading Tech for Teachers – Podcasting Classes

3G and cell phone video – an application

If you are faint of heart or easily offended…please turn to another page. For the rest of you, this story in Time (remember this is not YeOldeTechy’s story, I am just passing along information) is interesting. But I believe it is more interesting after you hear my short story about this particular topic. Interesting Story Way back in the mid-1990’s when Internet video was just … Continue reading 3G and cell phone video – an application

Apple IPod Transfer — A quick test

Just trying something….this was Kristen’s idea to see if we could download the contents of the Apple IPod to a “random” computer. Can we? Let’s give it a try…. The first thing we did was plug in Kristen’s old IPod (she now has a brand spanking new IPod Classic 80 gig so she can fit in all the great country songs of the world (see … Continue reading Apple IPod Transfer — A quick test

Western Digital My Book 1 TeraByte Drive

For Fathers Day I received a couple of books (Sue Grafton’s “K” and “L”) a really cool sign for my yard (Free Weeds: Pick Your Own), and a badly needed expansion of our computer storage capacity: a Western Digital “My Book” 1 terabyte external hard drive with USB 2.0. To me, it is amazing that 1 TB is now available at the desktop. And even … Continue reading Western Digital My Book 1 TeraByte Drive

Telepresence Forum

I hopped on a new forum today, this one dedicated to the world of “Telepresence”. Verrrrry interrrresssssting. The Telepresence Forum. I’ve already posted our version of “Personal Telepresence” and plan to visit that forum a lot more in the future. For the record, even though personal telepresence is being re-defined by marketing $, here is what we originally defined it as: “Personal Telepresence is an … Continue reading Telepresence Forum