HeadThere Giraffe

YeOldeTechy says: “This is COOL!” Check out this new product that YeOldeTechy hopes he will be able to get his hands on to evaluate for this blog. Really quickly here is what the HeadThere Giraffe is: 1. It is a Videoconferencing System that works over the Internet. 2. It is a movable robot that allows the remote person to move, look up and down, etc. … Continue reading HeadThere Giraffe

Reality Internet Video Gone Too Far?

OK, this is happening faster than YeOldeTechy can keep up….well almost. Check this out. People who live their lives with a web cam stuck to their heads. They are then “streamed” live on the Internet throughout their entire day. If Yeoldetechy did that….you would get a lot more sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I do not know about you, but, maybe this is a bit over the edge? Continue reading Reality Internet Video Gone Too Far?

Telecommuting: A Sensible Alternative to Driving

Interesting Late Breaking News: Read this article published Sunday, Sept 30, 2007 in the Tracy Press. It describes how commuting can be detrimental to family life in general. All the more reason to: Telecommute!————- For years, I have been evangelizing the value of telecommuting, only to be met with deaf ears. Hoping to drive home the value of telecommuting, I wrote an article several years … Continue reading Telecommuting: A Sensible Alternative to Driving

Polycom PVX for H.323 Video Conferencing

The history lesson continues! +++++++++++ August 2007 Rating: 4 Watertowers If a person needs to do standards based videconferencing from their desktop computer, there are very few choices, but, luckily, the Polycom PVX happens to be one of the best, if not the best. The PVX is relatively easy-to-use, provides high quality video and audio, allows data conferencing, and can be set up to suit … Continue reading Polycom PVX for H.323 Video Conferencing

Are all Wi-Fi Hot Spots Created Equal?

August 2007   The signs of the times! It is apparent that the popularity of “Wi-Fi Hot Spots” is increasing. Although Wi-Fi hot spots never really struck me as something interesting (I turn into TracyReaderDad after working hours), one day I got to wondering just what all the fuss is about. Soooo… Being free, and not a slave to a boss, I decided it would … Continue reading Are all Wi-Fi Hot Spots Created Equal?


“The iPhone Experience” by YeOldeTechy Rating:4 Watertowers Apple has once again shown that it has the genius (or guts) to revolutionize where others merely improve. Once the crowds subsided, and much of the iPhone excitement died away, I drove to the AT&T Store on Grant Line Road in Tracy (near Wal-Mart) to see what all the excitement was about. AT&T employee Ryan (very helpful and … Continue reading iPhone