HDTV Tutorial

High Definition TV UPDATE January 29, 2019:  It’s been 13 or 14 years since I wrote this article. Another Super Bowl will start on Sunday, and, we still have the same Sony HDTV I talk about below.  We have had to change the projection bulb twice, but, it […]

DVD Burning and Standards

DVD Standards are Important when Burning a DVD by Ye Olde Techy This Christmas, Santa left Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 under the tree. I had been playing around making home moves with Windows Movie Maker, but, now, with Adobe I could take the next step in home movie […]

Telecommuting Survey

We have posted a very short Telecommuting Survey on the Tel Bit Consulting Web Site. We will be gathering information (more specifically from folks in the Tracy, CA area but will gladly accept take other input as well) and posting the results sometime in the near future (if […]