Private Classes

TechyMike offers two, 1 hour long, intense, but FUN, private classes for the small business owner:


1. “Building Your Own Website on”

By the end of this hour you will have a web site up and running and you will know how to administer that web site.

Bring your laptop to the class (fully powered) so you are ready to start your web site.

Homework Before Class:  Think up THREE names for your business website.

$35.00 per hour with handouts and other materials provided.

Examples of some former class members (remember it is up to YOU to take what you learned and apply it):

Jan Your Girl Friday



JBB Cleaning Services

EB Lifestyle Coach

Noahs Ark Foundation

2. “Social Media for Your Business”

It is ESSENTIAL that today’s small business owner have an ONLINE presence. Unfortunately, many small business owners do not have a clear grasp on: Social Media, Web Sites, Blogs, etc. and how they interact with each other to help you market your business.

In this class, I will give an overview of many of the social media / online advertising options available and give you his opinion on how that all connects to your web site. BRING your laptop, tablet, and smartphone as you may want to start a web site or Business Facebook page at the end of class.

$35.00 per hour, handouts (presentation and other material) will be given to you.



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