Apple iOS5 is Available Today

UPDATE on errors during download from Computerworld.  From may be wise to wait a day, or three, before installing, what is your rush anyway...a few more days won't hurt.  Read a book!  🙂 Just in case you are soooo busy taking care of video conferencing is a reminder that Apple's iOS5 is available today! … Continue reading Apple iOS5 is Available Today

Steve Jobs Dies

OMG...the world just lost a GREAT man. A man who changed the world....not just once, but, several times. (Apple II, Mac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Pixar, Next...graphical interface?  commercial mouse?) Where most are content to design a product that is evolutionary, Jobs dared to design products that were revolutionary. Such a sad day...October 5, 2011. … Continue reading Steve Jobs Dies