NASA’s AstroBee: An Autonomous Floating Robot

Checking out some technology news, I found this video and short explanation of the work NASA is doing in the area of autonomous robotics on the Space Station and beyond. Very cool! 🙂 Here is a quick explanation of AstroBee copied from this NASA article: "Astrobee, NASA’s new free-flying robotic system, will help astronauts reduce … Continue reading NASA’s AstroBee: An Autonomous Floating Robot

iRobot Terra Robotic Lawnmower

Reading the IEEE Spectrum this morning, I saw the announcement for the iRobot Terra Robotic Lawnmower. How cool is this? Soon.....I will not only never have to vacuum the inside of our house, but, I will no longer have to mow my lawn. The first thing I will need to do is add these battery … Continue reading iRobot Terra Robotic Lawnmower