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  • Using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

    Using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

    Gutenberg is the latest blog editor from WordPress. I have been using WordPress since Matt was probably the only employee, and I have stubbornly held onto the past by using the original, old familiar, editor until about 2 months ago. Focusing on TechyMike.com again (hey, once a geek always a geek) I decided to take […]

  • Small Business How-To: Free Websites Using WordPress.com

    Small Business How-To:  Free Websites Using WordPress.com

    As a small business owner every penny counts!  Don’t spend gobs of money building a super duper fancy schmancy web site until you can afford it.   Luckily, WordPress.com offers FREE web sites (with embedded blogging capability).  They are EASY to set up and administer and save you lots of money while providing you the exposure […]

  • Telepresence vs VideoConferencing

    Telepresence vs VideoConferencing

    I suspect it is about time I chimed in on this definition thing on this blog. I had an unfortunate “job” interview yesterday in 2012 (now this is 2020 and we are home riding out the coronavirus) and it got me to re-evaluating a lot of things. The “job” was to install “telepresence”.  After a […]

  • Google Changes Search Algorithm

    A few days ago Google changed it’s search algorithm. Surfing the web today, I see that that change has had an impact on “content farm” traffic to the point where some have even started laying off people. But…..I’m not complaining…in the past few days…this blog, and TracyReaderDad.com, have both seen INCREASED views. If I calculated […]