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  • Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Camera Comparision

    Those of you follow this blog know that I love(d) my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.   In addition to the Note 4 being reliable, fast, and rugged, I was especially impressed with the Note 4’s camera, which handled everything from low light concerts to bright light landscapes with equal aplumb. Alas, time passes and my […]

  • Pixel XL Depth of Field 

    Trying something new….posting from my new Pixel XL to TechyMike. Took a few pictures of Blaze and our fern this morning testing the depth of field of the Pixel XL camera. I first focused on the fern with Blaze blurry in the background. Then I focused on Blaze in the background and now the fern […]

  • HTC RE Camera Preview

    Been using the HTC RE camera. As you can see it is small, easy to use, and check the pictures and video below to see the quality. The RE is, to us, “Blaze Cam”…..Blaze is our 13 week old 21 week old yellow Labrador puppy.  I uploaded the MP4 file video from the RE directly to YouTube. […]

  • Cisco Flips the Flip

    I ran across this article in the NY Times this morning and found it interesting. Why is it interesting? I’ll tell you why:  In 2007, the Flip camcorder was the latest cutting edge technology.  It sold like hot cakes, and the big players came out with their own versions. 2007 was 4 years ago.  Yikes! […]