How Watching Movies Has Changed Over the Years

This is 2015, errrr 2019 and the technology choices for us to watch movies is dizzying!  A bit of history…. I don’t want to start too far back, but, in the past 30 or 40 years there has been a remarkable technological shift in the way we watch movies (and TV shows, etc). When I was a kid, there were two choices: Go to the … Continue reading How Watching Movies Has Changed Over the Years

Using Chromecast

A year or two ago, I started seeing information on Google’s new streaming video device: Chromecast.  The information I initially gathered was sketchy, but, as I studied it, I began to understand some of it’s capabilities. Sufficiently intrigued, I asked Santa for a Chromecast for Christmas 2014, and guess what?  I got it!   UPDATE October 2015:  We use Chromecast all the time!  🙂 What … Continue reading Using Chromecast