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  • Vidyo and Stampede Introduce Drone Based Video Conferencing

    OK, this video is COOL!   I was the Chief Technical Office for the TeleCon conference many years ago….these videos gave me MAJOR nostalgia.  Makes me want to get back in there and do it!  🙂 —- — Here is the Press Release: Stampede and Vidyo Introduce Drone Based Video Conferencing Solution at InfoComm 2015 […]

  • Blue Jeans Changes Cloud Video Conferencing Again

    – – Hot off the heels of Enterprise Connect where the WebRTC Conference-within-a-Conference drew overflow crowds, Blue Jeans Network will announce it’s newest product: Sniff RTC.  On Monday, April 1, the cloud-based video conference service and unofficial work from home sponsor will unveil the newest feature enriching the video conferencing experience to better connect users around the world. The Sniff TRC patented olfactory technology […]

  • Cloud Based Video Conferencing Adds Features

    Here is a VERY important announcement from the good folks at Blue Jeans Networks. ******Copy this URL and share it with ALL of your friends and colleagues **** This is TOO IMPORTANT to ignore!  Whooops!!!!   On the ADVICE of my LAWYER….. (Click here on Monday after 8 AM EST to read the announcement….my bad)   […]

  • Google Chat on Motorola Atrix Smartphone

    In the process of evaluating the ZTE ZXV10 T700 (I will post the entire product review by weeks end…I hope), I went ahead and made a three way video conferencing call using  our friends at cloud-based video conferencing service provider Vidtel. The picture above shows a Google Chat connection via my Toshiba Laptop computer (middle), the […]