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  • Learning WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE)

    Full Site Editing is going to change how I use themes on WordPress, and, it will allow me to return ForCarol.org to WordPress.com, since I will now have a theme that does everything I need it to do……and more. 🙂 Returning to WordPress.com is VERY good thing since…..dot com rocks, it is stable, safe…… and […]

  • Watch Samsung Test the Galaxy Fold

    In case you have not seen this anywhere else….watch this very short video showing how Samsung is testing the Galaxy Fold. Pretty cool stuff as

  • “Grasshopper: Learn to Code in JavaScript” by Google’s Area 120

    UPDATE 5/6/2018: After working on Grasshopper for 16 days in a row…..I GRADUATED!  Yippeee! Tired of your kids, or grand-kids, having all the fun learning how to code?  Well…..here is an app for us “old” folks.  😉 Adult learners, using the Grasshopper app on your Android or IoS phones can now learn how to code […]

  • Using the Netgear Arlo Pro Security Camera

    UPDATE 5/14/2020: If you have been missing important events, try this: Set the video recording to 10 seconds (don’t use the automatic length). The Arlo is MUCH better at catching events…sometimes multiple times. 🙂 UPDATE 1 year later: Our Arlo Pro is working great! A few minor issues, but, all of them were resolved very […]

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