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Cuil: A New Search Engine

This week some ex-Google employees launched a new web search engine: Cuil. Pronounced: Cool. Being the curious type I went to the Cuil web site and fired up a few searches. So far it appears as though they still have a bit of work to do. Here are […]

Fun with oovoo

Who says you can’t have fun collaborating? ooVoo has a bunch of web cam effects that you can download to spice up your meetings. These are a lot of fun to play with. Unfortunately, my favorite does not work very well at all….that is the replacement of my […]

Google SketchUp

The other day I found a link to Google SketchUp. I downloaded it and started to draw. The picture above is a crude representation of what you can do with SketchUp. I am not an artist, and it shows. However, if you are, and spend the time, there […]

Comcast to offer 100 Mbps over Cable

This is an interesting news article. In the not to distant future, using a standard called DOSCIS 3.0 (which defines and supports very high speed data transmission over cable systems), Comcast expects to be able to offer most cable subscribers 100 Mbps download. YeOldeTechy questions: 1. With the […]


OK, a few weeks ago, I signed up for LinkedIn. I entered a few bits of information and was invited by one person to join their network. I did nothing else. At the time, I decided that LinkedIn was a grown-up version of Facebook or MySpace. Even though […]

Netflix Introduces Streaming Video Player

In all my years in a fledgling industry (videoconferencing) I have seen (and experienced first hand) my fair share of innovative companies that have, for one reason or another, flamed out. The general trend is as follows: Great idea–>Lots of seed money–>Marketing Hype–>Success–>Failure to keep up with changing […]