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Using the RSS Feed

If you watch for new entries on this blog try using the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed option to keep you informed. Since I do not update this blog as often as other bloggers who may have help, it would be more efficient for you to know when […]

VUDU Rocks !!

Here is an interesting article that discusses Apple TV, XBox, UnBox, and TIVO. Mere mention of VUDU (at the very end and ever so briefly). They need to take a look at this Blog posting where I reviewed VUDU. VUDU still rocks in our house! Saturday night at […]

Yahoo! for Teachers

A couple of days ago, I stumbled across an interesting Yahoo! application that makes it easy for teachers to “create and share classroom projects that meet state standards. Yahoo! for Teachers makes it easy for you to find and connect with other colleagues around the country”. Right now, […]

Adobe PhotoShop Express

UPDATE May 2015: If I remember, I will update this blog with the latest online Adobe stuff…..a lot has changed since 2008 !!  🙂 What is Adobe PhotoShop Express? It is a free web-based version of PhotoShop with a limited set of features. Here is the web site. […]

VUDU Evaluation and Review

Rating: 5 WaterTowers (nearly perfect) UPDATE Jan 2015: VUDU is now available on most Blu-Ray players, Smart TV’s, and Chromecast (and I’m sure other streaming devices / services). Wal-Mart bought VUDU a few years back.   Before you read, you can watch my future Oscar winning documentary on […]


A few days ago, Vidyo, a new company in the videoconferencing / collaboration “space” officially emerged from their shell. The crux of what they have done is to allow, using a new standard video compression algorithm, high definition videoconferencing and standard definition videoconferencing (see my Polycom PVX blog […]

Apple MacBook Air

Apple announced today the arrival of the Apple MacBook Air. It is very thin, completely wireless and has no optical disk drive. Included on this device is a built in web cam that can be used with iChat software to videoconference. Note that iChat is NOT standards based, […]

Streaming Video on the iPhone

In addition to showing a hilarious clip from “The Office” (where Jim sends Dwight faxes from “future” Dwight) the video shows the high quality streaming video capability of the iPhone. Very impressive. For more on the iPhone see what I thought about the iPhone when it first came […]

Video-on-Demand and Blu-Ray

UPDATE:  See my Review of VUDU here.   Now that Blu-Ray has apparently won the latest format war…how long do you think it will be before the next greatest technology surpasses it? Not long. Instead of DVD’s, there will be an ever increasing use of the Internet to […]