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  • Digital TV Conversion Delayed

    According to this CNN article, it appears that the digital TV conversion has been delayed until June 12, 2009. Check out my Blog entries on this topic, especially the installation of a converter box on a very old TV (with twin antenna inputs) and a newer TV with a coax antenna input.   There are […]

  • Digital TV Conversion Feb 2009

    Assuming the change does not get delayed (see this NY Times article), in about a month, the analog TV signal from TV stations will be turned off.   If you have an old TV connected to an outside antenna or rabbit ears, you will need to make some changes to prepare for the change.  I […]

  • Digital TV Converter Installation

    Digital TV Converter Installation

    Prologue It is Halloween and I have set up my candy delivery station in the driveway. The station includes pumpkins, our dog dressed up in his Halloween costume, several well placed boxes to be used as tables, blankets, several layers of clothing, and, most importantly, my 30 year old TV so I can watch TV […]

  • Digital TV Conversion Coupon

    I applied for my Digital TV conversion coupon in Jan 2008. I received it yesterday, April 8, 2008. The point here is: It would be good to read my other blogs on Digital TV conversion and order your coupon as soon as possible. With the coupon comes a list of stores in the area you […]