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Tesla Introduces Model S

As you know, I am VERY interested in technology that can help save the Environment.   As such I am becoming more active in areas that will help move us in that direction.  Coworking, telecommuting and videoconferencing being among them.   This week I (and many others) got an email announcement from Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors announcing the

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TracyVirtualOffice Coworking

UPDATE Things have moved right along.  Barring unforeseen issues, I will start preparing the TracyVirtualOffice on April 1, 2009.  I hope to be open for business before May 2009. Yes…there will be H.323 video. The TracyVirtualOffice has taken two steps forward today. Taking advantage of a new service for instant blogging by WordPress, I have (as my second step) taken

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Coworking in Tracy

Coworking is a new twist to an old concept…..telecommuting. Back in the day when telecommuting was new the idea of neighborhood telecommuting centers was a big thing, then it died. Times have changed. No longer do you telecommute, or telework……you “cowork”. A coworking location can be thought of a mix between Starbucks and an Executive Office Suite. Keep the casual

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Gas prices have come down.     I went to the gas station yesterday and paid $1.94 for a gallon of gas.  For a starving blogger, this is good news.  I now have more precious $$ in my pocket for other things (Did someone say beer at The Great Plate?) Do you stop thinking about telecommuting? Do you stop thinking about

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