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  • Google Drive Upload & Download Speed Limits

    Google Drive Upload & Download Speed Limits

    AltamontCowork member Brian needed to backup the contents of his computer to Google Drive.   AltamontCowork’s network slowed to turtle speed. Investigating the cause, we found the culprit: Google Drive upload was sucking all the bandwidth available on our Comcast   router and Internet connection. As soon as we unplugged Brian’s computer from the network, everything […]

  • Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

    As a small business owner, purchasing office productivity software from Microsoft can be painful. Luckily, there are free options available that work REALLY well.  I will look at two here:  Open Office and Google Docs.  But first, here is a list of what I think the free options need to fulfill to be a viable option […]

  • Driving Google Drive

    I have been using Google Docs for a couple of years now.   I like it. Joleen Ruffin and I started a company (it failed) a couple of years ago.  From our desks at AltamontCowork, we shared documents, saved documents, and even worked on documents in real time using Google Docs. Very cool. The only […]