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Using Chromecast

A year or two ago, I started seeing information on Google’s new streaming video device: Chromecast.  The information I initially gathered was sketchy, but, as I studied it, I began to understand some of it’s capabilities. Sufficiently intrigued, I asked Santa for a Chromecast for Christmas 2014, and guess what?  I got it!   UPDATE October 2015:  We use Chromecast

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Comcast Tracy Upgrades HDTV Channels

Comcast has once again upgraded their HD offerings in Tracy, CA. I posted the last change here. Now they have made a few changes to their existing channels (mostly in naming conventions) and added nine more channels, some of which could be interesting. Here is the current list: 903–KCRA NBC904–KQCA My58906–KVIE PBS908–KTXL Fox910–KXTV ABC912–KMAX CW31 (NEW)913–KOVR CBS914–HGTV (NEW)915–NGEO (NEW–National Geographic)916–THC

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HDTV Buying Tips

A friend of mine has been bouncing between stores in the Tracy area looking for a high definition TV to purchase. After talking with him this morning, here are a few hints you might be able to use when talking to the sales people. 1. You do not need a super duper, noise reducing, costly, power strip. When I first

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Wireless HDTV

+++++Breaking NewsToday (Jan 5, 2008) Warner announced support for Blu-Ray. With “Pirates of the Carribbean”, all the wonderful Pixar movies, and now “Harry Potter” and “Batman” all exclusively on Blu-Ray. I will purchase a Blu-Ray player as soon as I have the bucks to do so. The format war is over.+++++Now that you have that great flat panel High Definition

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