Using the Netgear Arlo Pro Security Camera

UPDATE 5/14/2020: If you have been missing important events, try this: Set the video recording to 10 seconds (don’t use the automatic length). The Arlo is MUCH better at catching events…sometimes multiple times. 🙂 UPDATE 1 year later: Our Arlo Pro is working great! A few minor issues, but, all of them were resolved very quickly. Very cool! Christmas 2017, Santa brought me a new … Continue reading Using the Netgear Arlo Pro Security Camera

Home Security & Surveillance Cameras

I am starting a new series looking at home security & surveillance monitoring cameras. My fist blog in this series will be on the Uniden Guardian which we have been using at home (the G755) for a few years now, and I installed a newer version in the office building where I used to have AltamontCowork (the G955). That post will be coming soon, so … Continue reading Home Security & Surveillance Cameras