Test Your Network Connection

Google has added some capabilities (via collaborations) that, when fully operational, will allow you to do some pretty detailed testing of your Internet connection.  See this article for all the information (well, not all, but, some pretty good stuff).  One of my heros from my college days when I was learning communication technology,Vint Cerf, has something to do with this.  🙂 I have mentioned in previous blogs … Continue reading Test Your Network Connection

Inauguration Online Video Viewing Stats

According to this report on CNN, the Internet broke some records during the Inauguration yesterday.   Really quickly:  1. Akamai says that 7.7 million people watched at the same time ( I suppose that means the peak simultaneous usage was 7.7 mil).   2. Over a time span of hours, CNN hosted almost 27 million viewers (of which I was one).  This broke a record … Continue reading Inauguration Online Video Viewing Stats

LG HDTV to Stream NetFlix Movies

  OK, here it comes.  The battle for streaming movies over the Internet has taken the turn that I have been waiting for. This article on CBS tells us that LG will embed a streaming player in HDTV sets.  No additional box will be needed.  How quickly this is happening! I have been covering this exciting area of technology from some time and am convinced that … Continue reading LG HDTV to Stream NetFlix Movies

Cisco to Introduce Home Products

Update Jan 7 2009:  CES almost has started in Las Vegas (see this CNN article).  They say attendance is down.  Still pretty darn big if you ask me!  I was CTO at the now defunct “TeleCon” Conference and we were happy to get 20,000 attendees.  But, I’m pretty sure that live shows will, over time, draw less and less people to them.  On line Virtual … Continue reading Cisco to Introduce Home Products

Internet Movies and Blu Ray

I’ve been thinking.   A very dangerous thing, I know.  But I was wondering how the likes of VUDU (see my review), AppleTV, the Blockbuster (see my blog entry) and NetFlix (see my blog entry)  streaming video players will effect (hmmm, is that right?  effect, affect?) the life of Blu-Ray.   A few weeks ago, I posted a more formal written opinion that I have … Continue reading Internet Movies and Blu Ray