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  • Using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

    Using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

    Gutenberg is the latest blog editor from WordPress. I have been using WordPress since Matt was probably the only employee, and I have stubbornly held onto the past by using the original, old familiar, editor until about 2 months ago. Focusing on TechyMike.com again (hey, once a geek always a geek) I decided to take […]

  • Using Google’s Titan Security Key

    Using Google’s Titan Security Key

    I wanted to see how Google’s ($50) Titan Security Key could work to secure my online accounts. Based upon my past experiences at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, where we tested a separate physical key, I understand how well the security offered by an external physical device can work.

  • Online Security: Easy, Common Sense, Precautions

    Online Security: Easy, Common Sense, Precautions

    Updated 9/10/2018, 10/10/2018, 1/23/2020 I read a headline today stating that Podesta’s password was “password”.  How STUPID!  In 2016, when his email was hacked, this was UNFORGIVABLY STUPID.  And look what happened. I have given some tips in the past in this blog, and today, I will re-iterate a few simple steps you can take to […]

  • Diversify Your Telephone, Cell Phone & Internet Services

    Diversify Your Telephone, Cell Phone & Internet Services

    Although a rare occurrence, yesterday we lost AT&T Wireless service to our cell phones. This made me think about diversity of communications in the home. Every time I go to pay our Comcast bill I am told that by adding telephone service (and more recently a home alarm system) I can “save money” over what […]