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  • Beta Testing Android 12 on my Pixel 5

    Beta Testing Android 12 on my Pixel 5

    Still playing engineer even though I am supposed to be “retired” except for my blogging and ForCarol.com, Inc. charity directorship, I decided once again to beta test the latest operating system for the Pixel 5: Android 12. So far, and we are one week or so into version 2 of the Android 12 beta…..this has […]

  • Using Android Pay on My Pixel XL

    Using Android Pay on My Pixel XL

    The never ending battle for truth justice and the…….. Oh well, you know the rest, and now that I have officially used Android Pay for the first time…..I will soon be able to save the world with my Justice League friends, starting with Wonder Woman! Makes me feel 10 again!  Love it…..:-) Paying by phone […]

  • BYOD becomes UYOD

    BYOD becomes UYOD

    The latest buzz word is Bring Your Own Device.  BYOD presumes you travel to a central work location and bring your own device there….to work. I am saying that term is already obsolete, or will be in the very near future.  If you can do your work with your own device, travelling up to 4 hours […]