Music: Google Play and iTunes

I realize that music CD’s are going the way of the dodo bird…..BUT…..we still have a great CD collection, and Lori keeps buying CD’s. As such, I have a TON of uploaded CD music on my Windows computer–in iTunes. But, I want to use Google Play as my cloud-based music storage location (I am Google-fied). How can I upload my computer-based CD music from iTunes … Continue reading Music: Google Play and iTunes

Amazon Kindle Fire

Today, Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire tablet. I watched a few news reports and to summarize: The Kindle Fire is fast using a dual processor, it can run Android Apps but you gotta get them from Amazon (not a bad thing). One analyst says it is NOT an iPad killer since the Kindle Fire is a consumer of media not a producer of media / … Continue reading Amazon Kindle Fire

Steve Jobs Resigns

This is scary.  I would not be concerned if he wasn’t sick, and stick thin.  But… From my perspective…this is a guy who changed the world more than once, more than twice, more than three times.  Simply awesome. He is not afraid to innovate, to try something new, to make it easy, to make it reliable, and then have the foresight to have the backup … Continue reading Steve Jobs Resigns