Applause Videoconferencing

Rating: 4 WaterTowers (high quality video w multipoint for everyone) As you are aware from previous blog entries, the latest round of desktop videoconferencing applications, while very good, are aimed at the corporate infrastructure and user.  If you are a small business standing out there all alone, your choices for desktop videoconferencing are few and dwindling. Appia Communication’s Applause Videoconferencing gives us a glimmer of … Continue reading Applause Videoconferencing

Phoenix Duet Executive USB Speakerphone Review

Rating: Preliminary 4 WaterTowers (super easy to set up and use) Phil from Quagga sent me the Phoenix Duet Executive USB Speakerphone to look at as a possible replacement for the Chat 50 I have been using for a couple of months now. Installation Of course I am not reading the instructions…..yet.  😉 Interestingly, the power adapter comes with various attachable plug in’s to suit … Continue reading Phoenix Duet Executive USB Speakerphone Review

Lifesize Room in Action

Even with videoconferencing…. the life of a blogger can get lonely. So when my friend Phil at Quagga invited me to attend the “Lifesize Room in Action” meeting in Folsom, CA….I jumped at the chance. As I arrived I met old friends (some who go way back in videconferencing) and new people (Adam, Spring, and Susan from Lifesize and some potential customers). The value of … Continue reading Lifesize Room in Action

Librestream Onsight Review

Rating: 5 WaterTowers Every now and then I see a product that blows me away.  It has been happening a lot lately (a good sign for technology) and it happened again last week with the Librestream Onsight. The fact that it is one-way video (and I’m a two-way video kind of guy) is even more impressive! TelBitConsulting says:  The Librestream Onsight ease-of-use and naturalness / robustness … Continue reading Librestream Onsight Review

Logitech 9000 and ClearOne Chat 50

Logitech 9000 Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers (Installation questions)   ClearOne Chat 50 Rating:  5 WaterTowers Overview I was lucky enough to receive (a big “starving blogger” thank you to my generous benefactor) two pieces of equipment that “should” improve my videoconferencing experience or,  rather,  the experience of those who are videoconferencing with me.  Yikes…all my remote friends really need is to see me in all my … Continue reading Logitech 9000 and ClearOne Chat 50

VidyoDesktop Review

Executive Overview It has been a long time developing, but, this past week I finally had a chance to download and meet with people using Vidyo. Several people had suggested I test it and also told me how good the video was.  So I was expecting a lot.  Usually, when I have high expectations I come away disappointed (a certain Telepresence capability being one such … Continue reading VidyoDesktop Review