SmartShopper Review

    Rating:  3 WaterTowers I was browsing through the Amazon web site looking for something cool for my wife for Christmas when I stumbled upon the SmartShopper. It struck me that this could be the perfect product, and that if it worked as well as the reviews said it does, the SmartShopper could change Lori’s life forever.  Lori is a list person.  Everything she … Continue reading SmartShopper Review

Access Grid Videoconferencing

Rating: 2 WaterTowers Results Overview The Access Grid is loaded with features and capabilities for collaborating, for free, with remote colleagues.  Unfortunately, it is a bit complicated to install and use, and, in fact, I have not yet been able to get two way video and audio.  As a comparison, every commercially available videoconferencing application I have tested worked with minimal effort. AG brought me … Continue reading Access Grid Videoconferencing

Sony Blu-Ray Player Review

Rating:  4 WaterTowers For Christmas this year before we run out of money (remember starving blogger and substitute teacher) my wife gave me a Sony Blu Ray player. Prices have come down and apparently she got a really good deal at Best Buy in Tracy, CA.  She also purchased a few movies to watch (Batman, Indiana Jones, 27 Dresses, and The Mummy 3). I promptly … Continue reading Sony Blu-Ray Player Review

Radvision Scopia Desktop Review

Radvision Scopia Desktop Review December 12, 2008 Rating:  4 WaterTowers Radvision has recently made one of their Scopia MCU products available to the public for testing.  Not being one to shy away from a good test, signed up and logged on. Since this blog is for “Everyone”, and Scopia Desktop is a complicated application to describe in detail, I will just briefly go over … Continue reading Radvision Scopia Desktop Review

Google Gmail Video Chat Review

Rating: 3 WaterTowers Summary I signed up for Gmail (twice) and then downloaded the Google Videoconferencing application to see how well it works. Result: It works well although it appears to be limited to point-to-point video and text chat (i.e. no whiteboard or app sharing). Is it easy enough for “GrandMa” to use? No. But, then again, if you know your way around a computer … Continue reading Google Gmail Video Chat Review