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  • VUDU Review 2

    Rating:  5 WaterTowers (still nearly perfect) After you are done here:  See my original review of VUDU. This weekend we recieved our new Vudu system.   As you may already know, we love Vudu and we used it for a long time before I actually had to remind Vudu that we had the demo unit. […]

  • Justin TV: A Quick Peek

    I found a gold mine of lost blog entries!  Here is another… +++ Rating:  4 WaterTowers (Internet streaming made easy) Justin TV allows you to stream live video and audio over the Internet.  It took me all of two minutes to sign up and start streaming. Very easy and very cool.   🙂 I can […]

  • Phoenix Duet Executive USB Speakerphone Review

    Rating: Preliminary 4 WaterTowers (super easy to set up and use) Phil from Quagga sent me the Phoenix Duet Executive USB Speakerphone to look at as a possible replacement for the Chat 50 I have been using for a couple of months now. Installation Of course I am not reading the instructions…..yet.  😉 Interestingly, the […]

  • SmartShopper Review

        Rating:  3 WaterTowers I was browsing through the Amazon web site looking for something cool for my wife for Christmas when I stumbled upon the SmartShopper. It struck me that this could be the perfect product, and that if it worked as well as the reviews said it does, the SmartShopper could change […]