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GoToMeeting Review

Rating: 3.5 WaterTowers I have been seeing ads in magazines and on TV touting the virtues of GoToMeeting. Being the curious type, I went to the web site to download and try the free demo. Unfortunately, when I filled out the form they asked for my credit card information….no way. Not that they would get anything from a starving blogger,

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WiLife Evaluation and Review

UPDATE Feb 28, 2019: Time marches on. See what I wrote about the Arlo Pro Security Camera in 2018 / 2019. Quick Overview: WiLife is a home and business camera security system. Before you read watch this wonderfully produced video using video clips from the WiLife security camera. Interesting Experience It all started shortly after installation. I went to the

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“The iPhone Experience” by YeOldeTechy Rating:4 Watertowers Apple has once again shown that it has the genius (or guts) to revolutionize where others merely improve. Once the crowds subsided, and much of the iPhone excitement died away, I drove to the AT&T Store on Grant Line Road in Tracy (near Wal-Mart) to see what all the excitement was about. AT&T

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