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  • Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Camera Comparision

    Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Camera Comparision

    Those of you follow this blog know that I love(d) my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.   In addition to the Note 4 being reliable, fast, and rugged, I was especially impressed with the Note 4’s camera, which handled everything from low light concerts to bright light landscapes with equal aplumb. Alas, time passes and my […]

  • Cameras on Smartphones: Photography for Everyone

    Cameras on Smartphones: Photography for Everyone

    Call me old fashioned, but, this is the first year that I am really enjoying using the cameras (front and back facing) on my smartphone. My new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a camera that is every bit as good as our standalone Sony camera for utility, instant, use. Caveat: I am not a professional […]

  • Using Google Maps While Driving

    Using Google Maps While Driving

    Normally I am one of the first to try a technology.  There have been a few exceptions over the years, but, overall, I am more than happy to jump in and experience something new. Not this time…. Paper Maps In the old days (before 2012), I used to go to the gas station, or AAA, […]

  • Using Google Inbox

    Using Google Inbox

    I am always willing to try something new.  Sometimes that has been a curse (like being 20 years ahead of the videoconferencing curve) but sometimes it has been a blessing in that I occasionally find a gem that I never expected to find before anyone else.   Google’s Inbox is a gem.  (Albeit one with […]