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Taser Video Conferencing

Never in a million years did I ever think I would report about taser video conferencing. All I have to say is thank goodness the person at the remote end was not injured! How funny. One of the taser darts (is that right, a dart?) hit the laptop […]

Old Days

It’s Valentines Day, and I am sitting at AltamontCowork just thinking about how technology has changed my life.  MY technology, since I am an engineer (MSEE, University of Kansas) who spent most of his life advancing (or trying to advance) technology….in particular video conferencing and collaboration from a […]

Skype Video Review

Rating:  3 WaterTowers (where is multipoint?) UPDATE: Skype now has multipoint (meaning three or more participants can meet) see my Skype Multipoint blog entry. It took me awhile to get to Skype.  Not sure why, but, I’m glad I finally tested it. The Verdict: I will use Skype […]

Skype Multipoint Video Chat

When I tested Skype about a year ago, I lamented the fact that it was only point-to-point.  Well, as I had my attention turned to AltamontCowork (and surviving)…… this past May Skype apparently introduced 5 way videoconferencing (video chat), and today, they doubled that to 10 way (in Beta, see the announcement here) Soooo, Skype […]