Yahoo! for Teachers

A couple of days ago, I stumbled across an interesting Yahoo! application that makes it easy for teachers to "create and share classroom projects that meet state standards. Yahoo! for Teachers makes it easy for you to find and connect with other colleagues around the country".Right now, this offering is in Beta, but, if you … Continue reading Yahoo! for Teachers

Proclaim by Netbriefings News

In a previous blog entry I took a look at Proclaim which I consider one of the best streaming applications around.Today I received an email with this link. Take a peek, it is very interesting. Short corporate messages are becoming more and more important (and you can save $$ on travel, save the environment...DUH).I really … Continue reading Proclaim by Netbriefings News

Proclaim by Netbriefings

4 Watertowers Introduction Streaming video used to be a difficult process requiring special hardware and software and a team of technicians. Of course, high quality video streaming still needs all that, but, if you are interested in “personal streaming” and can live with the trade-off off super high quality for easy-to-use and extremely short turn … Continue reading Proclaim by Netbriefings